Michael Laheney providing mortgage solutions for existing homeowners and first-time home buyers in New Jersey

Michael Laheney providing mortgage solutions for existing homeowners and first-time home buyers in New Jersey

There's no place like home! Many may believe the phrase “there's no place like home” originated with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. In fact, the phrase originates from the song “Home, Sweet Home!" which was first sung in the English opera Clari, or The Maid of Milan in 1823. Home, Sweet Home is a song that has remained well known for over 150 years. 

“The home is where the heart is. It’s a person’s castle. There’s no place like it”, says Michael Laheney founder and president of All American Mortgage, Inc. in Paramus, NJ. 

All American Mortgage, Inc. is a mortgage broker that has streamlined the home buying and mortgage process, and provides a variety of mortgage services and loans.

“We specialize in FHA Loans, Conventional Loans, Interest-Only Loans, VA Loans, Rehab Loans, Jumbo Loans, Low-Down Payment Options and working with Low Credit Scores, as well as Relocation Assistance and Cash-Out refinancing. We offer the best rates and programs in the area”, says Michael.

Despite the home being where the heart is, many existing homeowners and first time home buyers are very confused with the home buying and mortgage process.

The Wall Street Journal wrote about a consumer survey that related to the home-buying process. The survey asked people what was the hardest part of buying a home. A good portion of the respondents said that understanding the mortgage process was a major problem.

According to a new Pew Research Center study analysis, living with a parent is the most common young adult living arrangement for the first time on record. Though the Pew study analysis states varied reasons for the trend, one contributing factor, just as the Wall Street Journal survey revealed, was an existing homeowner, or young adults, lack of understanding the home buying and mortgage process.

“Many existing homeowners and first-time home buyers don’t contact mortgage lenders because they feel they won’t qualify – when they really do”, says Michael.

And just as the characters in the Wizard of Oz, like the scarecrow who lacked the knowledge because he had no brain, the tinman who had no heart, and the lion who had no courage, many existing homeowners, and first time buyers, simply do not have the heart or courage, or simply just lack the knowledge to move forward with buying or refinancing a home, because they do not fully understand the process.

Choosing the right mortgage company to trust, and understanding every step of the mortgage process can be challenging.

Effectively educating existing homeowners, and first time home buyers, about the mortgage process is where Michael Laheney and his staff at All American Mortgage excel at.

“Should you ever feel unsure, confused or overwhelmed by the mortgage process, or all the new and changing information, I would be happy to help, even if I don’t have your business,” states Michael.

All American Mortgage has a fully-integrated, streamlined mortgage process that lets you start and finish the loan process in any way you choose, while giving you the comfort and convenience of knowing that an experienced loan consultant is right there with you throughout the entire process.

“All necessary information about understanding the mortgage process is right on our website, and it’s actually a 1, 2, 3 process,” says Michael.

First, All American Mortgage checks your credit score, than they get you pre-approved for a loan. To get pre-approved, you will complete a mortgage application and provide All American Mortgage with various information verifying your employment, assets and financial status such as W-2 forms, bank records, and credit card statements.

All American Mortgage will then review your mortgage options and submit your application to the lender that best meets your needs.

Once the application process is complete, you will receive a pre-approval letter indicating the amount your lender is willing to lend you for your home.

When a first-time home buyer presents a pre-approval letter to a real estate agent, you become their new best friend. It’s an indication that you are a serious home buyer. It is important to understand that a pre-qualification letter is just an estimate of what you are eligible to borrow, not a commitment to lend.

At All American Mortgage, you can check your home purchase and mortgage refinance rates online!

Since Michael Laheney started All American Mortgage fifteen years ago, their core values have not changed. They treat every customer with the respect they deserve, work with the utmost integrity, and only employ the very best.

“Our ultimate goal is to give our clients what they need most throughout the loan process: Peace of Mind. I can promise this because we offer the absolute lowest mortgage rates in all of New Jersey along with the best service”, states Michael.

Whether purchasing your first home in Bergen County, or refinancing your vacation home in Cape May, All American Mortgage will provide you with the knowledge, heart, courage, and best interest rate for your unique situation.

All American Mortgage, Inc. is located at 311 N. State Rt. 17 Paramus, NJ 07652, and can be reach by Phone: (201) 576-0700, Toll Free Phone: (888) 240-3700, or via E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You can visit their website at www.AllAmericanMortgage.com.

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