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Media Kit

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Englewood NJ News Stats (as of April 4, 2016)

♦ Readership: 15,000

♦ Unique Visits: 6,759

Target Market

♦ Bergen County - Englewood

Bergen County is part of the New York City Metropolitan Area and is situated directly across the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan.  Bergen County is the most populous county in New Jersey, and one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, with a median household income of $84,677.  Bergen County has a population that resides among 70 municipalities.

As of 2014, Bergen County's Census-estimated population was 933,572.

Englewood's population is far more diverse than that of most suburbs including many of its Bergen County neighbors. Occupations range from highly paid professions to unskilled trades. Englewood is a sophisticated city which combines most of its historic grace & charm with an exciting cosmopolitan atmosphere. It has many contrasts: elaborate Victorian Mansions and modern low-rise condos; quiet tree-lined residential neighborhoods & the bustling central business district; large estates & affordable apartments.

Englewood Demographics


Englewood: 28,178
Bergen County: 933,572

Males:  (47.0%) 12,927
Females:   (53.0%) 14,606

Household income: $71,743
Median Age: 39.91

Households: 10,481

Recreation: 38
Automotive Services: 6
Banks - Financial: 60
Eating: 137
Government - Public: 18
Health Care Services: 32
Hospitality: 6
Organizations: 53
Personal Services: 71
Pet Services: 6
Shopping: 249
Travel: 9


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